~~Don Lemon’s 5 & Russell Simmon’s Answer~~

Should we blame every issue in Black America on White America or can we blame it on ourselves? CNN’s Don Lemon advocates for social responsibility, listing the Top 5 Suggestions for young Black Men to get ahead in life: Pull Up Your Pants Stop Using the N-word Stop Littering Finish School Not Have Children Out… Continue reading ~~Don Lemon’s 5 & Russell Simmon’s Answer~~

~~Doran & Jezscia…Catfish, Colorism and Black Women’s Role In It~~

Like most 20-somethings that live on their own and that stretch out a pot of pasta for as a long as possible so they can pay their bills, I don’t have cable. The only time I watch actual TV is when I’m over my parents’ house or when I get some type of gumption from… Continue reading ~~Doran & Jezscia…Catfish, Colorism and Black Women’s Role In It~~

A Letter to Beyoncé

I, like most people, was a complete Destiny’s Child fan. Personally, my favorite band member was always Kelly (she reminded me so much like my older sister physically). I, like most people, was saddened to see Destiny’s Child break up. Among the deaths of Aaliyah and Left Eye, the mental breakdown of Brittney Spears, the… Continue reading A Letter to Beyoncé

Colorism within the Music World…Yes, it does exist!

Here’s a comment I saw on a website that set the wheels in my head turning. Artistry is not based on your itunes charting and the records you sell. Artistry is about talent. Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia get special treatment from the mainstream media because of their light-complexion. YES I SAID IT! I do believe… Continue reading Colorism within the Music World…Yes, it does exist!

International Shadeism

This is a really awesome video that shows the international issue of shadeism. Shadeism–more commonly known as Dark vs. Light– is my favorite topic of choice because it really shows how much European colonial powers really affected People of Color around the world. And it’s not only affected Blacks, but it effects Non-White People ALL… Continue reading International Shadeism