Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair. I’m not too sure if every naturalista goes through this, but I have periods of loving my thick, koily hair (usually when I blow it out) to absolutely hating and dreading it because of the maintenance it takes to keep it healthy… all the trimming, the deep conditioning,… Continue reading Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

Difference Between a Bitter Woman and an Indifferent Woman

I’ve been called Bitter before, but I think the girl meant jealous–as if I was jealous of the parade of losers she brought in and out of her life every other month. LOL But Bitter in every sense of the word when it comes to romance or relationships? I don’t think I’m in the category.… Continue reading Difference Between a Bitter Woman and an Indifferent Woman

The Best Revenge

Valentine’s Day draws out a lot of emotions from people. For some it’s love–it reminds them of the person they have, the people who blesses them everyday with their presence. But, for most, it’s a reminder that you are once again SINGLE in a world that values you on whether or not you’re wanted by… Continue reading The Best Revenge

Is Natural Hair a Movement or a Trend?

Well, this article has gotten a lot of buzz lately. Cluth Magazine, which is yet another website I visit daily that is dedicated towards women of color, posted this article, My Hair, My Decision by Aisha Terry. In the article, Terry explains that she is sick and tired of the debate of natural women straightening… Continue reading Is Natural Hair a Movement or a Trend?