Nappy Hair Essentials: Part Deux

It’s been almost two years–and more than a couple of inches– since I’ve done a Nappy Hair Essentials post. As your hair grows, it tends to change and you tend to learn more about your hair and how it works; what makes it grow, how to comb it, how many times to wash it a… Continue reading Nappy Hair Essentials: Part Deux

The Angry Sister Syndrome MisDiagnosed

What is the Angry Sister Syndrome? The Angry Sister Syndrome or A.S.S. is the term used for Black women who have taken the Sapphire spirit and times it by 10….The sympthoms include: anger, irritability, loudness, being obnxious, condescending attitude, extreme threats of physical violence, having the need to be in control and various others. Upon seeing… Continue reading The Angry Sister Syndrome MisDiagnosed

Let Him Go, Sista…PLEASE!!!!

I know there are plenty of young ladies out there that have gotten over or is in the process of getting over a guy. I mean, that seems to be the way of the female life until we get married. We are either in a relationship or getting over that guy while enjoying our new-found… Continue reading Let Him Go, Sista…PLEASE!!!!

Life After College~~ Moving Away From Your College Town

I officially graduated from the University of Central Florida in August 2010. It’s March.. I haven’t gone back. One of my bosses–there seems to be more than a few bosses at retirement centers these days–was telling me that her daughter, the same age as me, graduated from the University of Florida at the same time.… Continue reading Life After College~~ Moving Away From Your College Town

Is she a Friend or an Associate?

I was scoping out MadameNoire–as usual–and I found a very interesting article about Friendship. It was funny because my twins sister and I were just talking about this subject. She was expressing concern because she realized the “friends” she made in college were drifting away and, if not, have disappeared from her life altogether. I’ve… Continue reading Is she a Friend or an Associate?

“Urban Apparel”~~ Enhancement or Exploitation

From the moment I was a high schooler up until…right now, actually, I have been trying to identify my own sense of style. The more I became aware of who I was, the more cemented my clothing of choice became. Realizing I was a more “free-spirited,” type, I opted for clothes that represented that. However,… Continue reading “Urban Apparel”~~ Enhancement or Exploitation