So….. I’ve Kinda Moved

June 29th, 2015 I walked into my boss’s office via her request. I had just came back from a 2 week vacation and was feeling renewed. Sometimes you just need a break from the monotony of the day-to-day schedule and just needed a little encouragement from the sunshine to de-stressed. During my vacation in the… Continue reading So….. I’ve Kinda Moved

Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair. I’m not too sure if every naturalista goes through this, but I have periods of loving my thick, koily hair (usually when I blow it out) to absolutely hating and dreading it because of the maintenance it takes to keep it healthy… all the trimming, the deep conditioning,… Continue reading Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

Life After College~~ Moving Away From Your College Town

I officially graduated from the University of Central Florida in August 2010. It’s March.. I haven’t gone back. One of my bosses–there seems to be more than a few bosses at retirement centers these days–was telling me that her daughter, the same age as me, graduated from the University of Florida at the same time.… Continue reading Life After College~~ Moving Away From Your College Town

The New Faces of Carol’s Daughter Promote Diversity?

If you’ve been natural any length of time, you’ve heard of Carol’s Daughter–the black hair care line that many curly-haired girls swear by! (I, however, don’t. It really didn’t work for my thick wooly hair. Besides, it’s too got dang expensive! I’m a firm believer that hair products don’t necessarily have to be expensive in… Continue reading The New Faces of Carol’s Daughter Promote Diversity?

Is she a Friend or an Associate?

I was scoping out MadameNoire–as usual–and I found a very interesting article about Friendship. It was funny because my twins sister and I were just talking about this subject. She was expressing concern because she realized the “friends” she made in college were drifting away and, if not, have disappeared from her life altogether. I’ve… Continue reading Is she a Friend or an Associate?

Natural Hair She-ro~~Chrisette Michele

It’s important to love your hair in whatever stage it’s in. Yeah, it seems easier said then done when you’re looking at natural hair guru’s and their hair is long and flowing down their back. You become impatient looking at that luxuriousness while seeing yours standing straight up in the mirror with no bounce at… Continue reading Natural Hair She-ro~~Chrisette Michele