~~Don Lemon’s 5 & Russell Simmon’s Answer~~

Should we blame every issue in Black America on White America or can we blame it on ourselves? CNN’s Don Lemon advocates for social responsibility, listing the Top 5 Suggestions for young Black Men to get ahead in life: Pull Up Your Pants Stop Using the N-word Stop Littering Finish School Not Have Children Out… Continue reading ~~Don Lemon’s 5 & Russell Simmon’s Answer~~

Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair. I’m not too sure if every naturalista goes through this, but I have periods of loving my thick, koily hair (usually when I blow it out) to absolutely hating and dreading it because of the maintenance it takes to keep it healthy… all the trimming, the deep conditioning,… Continue reading Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

Nappy Hair Essentials: Part Deux

It’s been almost two years–and more than a couple of inches– since I’ve done a Nappy Hair Essentials post. As your hair grows, it tends to change and you tend to learn more about your hair and how it works; what makes it grow, how to comb it, how many times to wash it a… Continue reading Nappy Hair Essentials: Part Deux

Ain’t Nothing Worst Than a Gay Man Scorned: The Kerry Rhodes Issue

The urban blogsphere has been erupting lately with the story of NFL free agent and former Arizona Cardinals team member, Kerry Rhodes and his private affair with his personal assistant and lover, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson. Pictures of Rhodes and Simpson in “compromising,” situations were blasted all over the internet. When asked about them, Rhode vehemently… Continue reading Ain’t Nothing Worst Than a Gay Man Scorned: The Kerry Rhodes Issue

Ready to Move

Excuse the errors….my little brother is letting me use his Google Nexus! Being forced to type while using one finger may cause me to abbreviate or just misspell lol… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my future. I graduate with my Master’s in about 2 weeks… These past 2 years have been stressful though… Continue reading Ready to Move

“I Feel So Behind!”~~Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Life to Another’s

The American version of time is so embedded in our culture that we tend to allow it to spill over from the day-to-day activities to our entire lifetime. Let me explain: By 16 you’re supposed to have your first love; by 18, you’ve should’ve date 2 boys by now, have graduated from high school and… Continue reading “I Feel So Behind!”~~Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Life to Another’s

I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I was sitting on my bed (which is completely covered with STACKS of papers for my upcoming Master’s Comprehensive Exams), fueled by the intense cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee my awesome colleague gave me, when I got a great idea to check up on my old NappyCentric blog. Thinking that this will be… Continue reading I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!