Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair. I’m not too sure if every naturalista goes through this, but I have periods of loving my thick, koily hair (usually when I blow it out) to absolutely hating and dreading it because of the maintenance it takes to keep it healthy… all the trimming, the deep conditioning,… Continue reading Natural Hair She-ro~~Tanisha Long

“Life is Suffer…

“Life is Suffering”–First Noble Truth of Buddhism

The First Noble Truth of Buddhism is “Life Is Suffering.” Meaning that human nature is not perfect and neither is the world we live in. During our lifetime we are going to endure physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. I think we Westerns do ourselves a disservice when our Western Thought is that “Life is Happiness.” Meaning that we should not endure suffering and if we do it’s because we have done something wrong; we’ve made the wrong decisions or we’ve allowed the wrong person to come into our life. And when something DOES go wrong, we tend to focus on that one thing because Life is supposed to be Happiness. But I think we should switch that thought around, that life is going to be physically, emotionally and spiritually tough. If we do that, then when something truly AMAZING happens, we’ll focus on that amazing thing, and we’ll love that amazing thing…and our happiness at that particular moment will be tenfold.

A Letter to Beyoncé

I, like most people, was a complete Destiny’s Child fan. Personally, my favorite band member was always Kelly (she reminded me so much like my older sister physically). I, like most people, was saddened to see Destiny’s Child break up. Among the deaths of Aaliyah and Left Eye, the mental breakdown of Brittney Spears, the… Continue reading A Letter to Beyoncé

I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I was sitting on my bed (which is completely covered with STACKS of papers for my upcoming Master’s Comprehensive Exams), fueled by the intense cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee my awesome colleague gave me, when I got a great idea to check up on my old NappyCentric blog. Thinking that this will be… Continue reading I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think I’m making a HUGE decision on my philosophical thoughts and emotions. I think I’ve become disillusioned with the Black populace want for change. As much as it hurts me to say this, I think I’ve given up the good fight. Why fight for a group of people who doesn’t necessarily want to change?… Continue reading DONE