So….. I’ve Kinda Moved

June 29th, 2015 I walked into my boss’s office via her request. I had just came back from a 2 week vacation and was feeling renewed. Sometimes you just need a break from the monotony of the day-to-day schedule and just needed a little encouragement from the sunshine to de-stressed. During my vacation in the… Continue reading So….. I’ve Kinda Moved

Ready to Move

Excuse the errors….my little brother is letting me use his Google Nexus! Being forced to type while using one finger may cause me to abbreviate or just misspell lol… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my future. I graduate with my Master’s in about 2 weeks… These past 2 years have been stressful though… Continue reading Ready to Move

“I Feel So Behind!”~~Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Life to Another’s

The American version of time is so embedded in our culture that we tend to allow it to spill over from the day-to-day activities to our entire lifetime. Let me explain: By 16 you’re supposed to have your first love; by 18, you’ve should’ve date 2 boys by now, have graduated from high school and… Continue reading “I Feel So Behind!”~~Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Life to Another’s

Yet Another Colorism Tale~~Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

Wow! This is getting out of hand… I was browsing Yahoo News and saw this article and was COMPLETELY horrified!!!! See, this is the product of colorism. This is the product of the old “Lighter is better,” syndrome that plagues the African Diaspora, all descendents of Africans everywhere. This is ridiculous and you know what?… Continue reading Yet Another Colorism Tale~~Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

Is she a Friend or an Associate?

I was scoping out MadameNoire–as usual–and I found a very interesting article about Friendship. It was funny because my twins sister and I were just talking about this subject. She was expressing concern because she realized the “friends” she made in college were drifting away and, if not, have disappeared from her life altogether. I’ve… Continue reading Is she a Friend or an Associate?

Letter to #TeamBreezy

I don’t like Chris Brown. I never did before the whole domestic abuse thing and I never will. Didn’t bought or listen to his music before it and never will. But, I’m starting to realize that since this whole scandal, especially the recent temper tantrum at GMA, there have been a whole slew of young… Continue reading Letter to #TeamBreezy