Nappy Hair Essentials: Part Deux

It’s been almost two years–and more than a couple of inches– since I’ve done a Nappy Hair Essentials post.

As your hair grows, it tends to change and you tend to learn more about your hair and how it works; what makes it grow, how to comb it, how many times to wash it a month, and etc.

I’m not gonna lie, there are not many changes to WHAT I put in my hair, but I’ve definitely changed my regimen significantly.

Below are my 4 essential products…products that I CANNOT live without!

#1.) Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker

My staple product I’ve only added the past couple of days and that is Hawaiian Silky’s Miracle Worker. OMG! The product title says it all. It is basically the ideal hair product. It moisturizes, softens, detangles, protects hair from heat…it does it all. I can put this in my hair, twist it and leave it under a scarf for days and when I take the twists out my hair is still soft and moisturized and easy to comb (which is a BIG plus! My hair is extremely thick so being able to comb it is a must).

Every Afronista needs to have this product. You can find it Sally’s Beauty Supply. Go buy it….right now!

#2.) Giovanni Hair Care Products

Yes, I still use Giovanni Hair Care Products. They are sulfate-free, never leave my hair feeling stripped of moisture and are sooooo inexpensive to get off the internet. I only use the Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo & Deeper Moisture Conditioner and no longer use the Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo because I feel that the other shampoo does a good enough job on its own. I also no longer use the Direct Leave-in Conditioner…not because it doesn’t do a good job (this is the BEST leave-in conditioner on the market) but because I have my Hawaiian Silky that acts as a leave-in conditioner all on its own.

The fact that these products are not tested on animals is another big plus.

#3.) Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

I’ve replaced Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel w/ Sparkle Lites with Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel. A gel is a gel so they both do the exact same thing, but I find that Eco Styler is much more inexpensive and can be found at any beauty supply store. I could only get the IC at CVSwhere I live and that was become too expensive. Another reason why I like the Eco Styler is that I could buy it in a HUGE tub that would last me almost a year and I could never find a big IC tub.

#4.) Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave-in Conditioner

This is the “white,” hair product that works wonders for natural hair. I still use it only for twists and twists outs (which I don’t wear too much). It handles my natural frizz very well, even when there is some frizz it’s very minimal.

There you have it, my Nappy Hair Essentials. These are the products that I use the most. You see there’s only 5, which I think it’s important. A lot people go out and buy and use thousands of products on their hair. As a person that’s been natural for 4 years, I think that’s a huge mistake.

Try to stick to 4 or 5 essential hair products and try not to be a product junkie!



2 thoughts on “Nappy Hair Essentials: Part Deux

  1. I want to thank you for this…because while natural hair blogs often intimidate me…because they are so heavily pushed to woman, I usually come to see the beautiful women..I have a thing for naturals….but sometimes I learn a thing or 2 about what to do with my own hair

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