A Letter to Beyoncé

~~There’s so much to say about this picture, but I’ll concentrate on the music~~

I, like most people, was a complete Destiny’s Child fan. Personally, my favorite band member was always Kelly (she reminded me so much like my older sister physically).

I, like most people, was saddened to see Destiny’s Child break up. Among the deaths of Aaliyah and Left Eye, the mental breakdown of Brittney Spears, the break up of Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, and the slow winding down of Mýa‘s career, this was just another nail in the coffin of my dying Tween and Teen Years.

When you broke out and became Beyonce, I, like most people, found the tone-down of your ethnicity and the acceptance of the Industry’s Standard of White Beauty, disheartening and fell out of love.

But, I came back, dear,

I came back when you came out with “Single Ladies,” and was over the heels with the song, “Best Thing I Never Had,” that would eventually be played over and over again while I sat cross-legged in the middle of my bed, tears streaming down my face, shouting the lyrics into the atmosphere!

And your documentary was such a wonderful way of showing us you in your intimate moments as a mother and wife–something we admire….

….But, then I heard the song, “Bow Down Bitches.”

I was completely floored.

Not only is the music behind your lyrics is in the most elementary form that it sounds it could be the soundtrack to an Atari video game, but the meaning and lyrics are completely shocking.

Since your breakout from Destiny’s Child, I saw your musicality grow . Your songs were so filled with the uplifting of women all over the world. The somewhat “girl-power,” meaning behind your songs were different, a breath of fresh air on the radio among the hood, rachet, trap music that we tend get nowadays.

This can’t be the woman who song, “Girls (Who Run the World).”

This newly rush of arrogance is reminiscent of Nicky Minaj, who we all know is on the down slope of her career because of her swollen hubris.

Beyoncé, dear, don’t turn your music into trash in order to get radio-play. You’re Beyoncé! You’ll get it anyway! We need more positive music for our little girls out there. We need more positive role models, women who are women. We don’t need women who bring other women down and call each other “Bitches.”

Beyoncé, you’re better than that…. Get with it.



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