I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I was sitting on my bed (which is completely covered with STACKS of papers for my upcoming Master’s Comprehensive Exams), fueled by the intense cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee my awesome colleague gave me, when I got a great idea to check up on my old NappyCentric blog. Thinking that this will be a worth a few yucks, I logged on and was shocked to find that so many people continued to access my blog posts and comment.

After going back and forth, and reading a couple of my old blog posts, I finally made the decision to end my long hiatus from blogging.

A lot has happened in these past 2 years and a lot has changed me. I think I’ve become more open and more accepting. I’ve gone through some hard times, some emotional turmoil, and am coming out of it stronger and more determined to live a life full of my own happiness.

My past 2-year experience has given me A LOT of material and I hope to be more inclusive of you men and MAYBE a little bit more gentle ;-).

That doesn’t mean that some of posts won’t leave you uncomfortable, troubled and maybe pissed, but I’m not in the business of making everyone comfortable. I want to stimulate conversations that will bring about progress.

So, comment if you think I haven’t touched on a subject that’s worth talking about.

Let’s get it started!



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