I think I’m making a HUGE decision on my philosophical thoughts and emotions.

I think I’ve become disillusioned with the Black populace want for change.

As much as it hurts me to say this, I think I’ve given up the good fight. Why fight for a group of people who doesn’t necessarily want to change? Why argue and debate, write blogs about, pour yourselves into everything when these same group of people haven’t change and probably won’t change in your lifetime?

Why argue that light-skin isn’t necessarily better when a man will tell you to your face that it is? Why debate that a black woman’s hair is BEAUTIFUL and AMAZINGLY UNIQUE when a person says its disgusting and unkempt? Why scream to the top of your lungs that a Black woman should be honored for her strength and beauty when a black man runs after another culture, eagerly dropping their heritage.

I feel as if my screaming, my pleading, my conversations, my arguments and my debates have fallen on death ears. I feel that no black person I’ve spoken to really cares that we are our own enemies, that we are tearing down our own communities with our ignorance. That no black man actually values what he has in our women.


So instead of telling, I’m more apt to showing.

I would rather show my worth as strong, beautiful Black woman. I would rather show how much I love my hair, my skin, my wide hips, my big nose and lips…than tell.

With that being said, I’ve decided to stop blogging…for a while… to focus on what really matters. To focus on continuing to love myself and to show those around me the real inward and outward beauty of a Black Woman.

I’m just tired of shouting and no one hears me.



4 thoughts on “DONE

  1. I hear you and I encourage you to do it and do it to the fullest. Soul search so that when you come back to tell it like it is it wont feel like a personal insult when no one responds to the truth. Forgive them cousin, for they know not what they do. thats why im gettin outa here..the United States that is any means necessary.. I love you for your strong and sometimes stubborn opinions and i hope you never stop writing because someone is always listening..

  2. Natalie…

    why do all these things, right? it seems futile to pour yourself out to an un-recieveing crowd…BUT what you have to realize that there will always be that ignorant bunch (who are usually the loudest…empty barrels) that could care less about self empowerment and enlightenment. Please do not allow their lack of appreciation to hinder you from your POWERFUL mission. The people we usually are inspired the most usually sit quietly in the audience and they eagerly watch your every move waiting for more. If you give up on this you show them that its not worth the fight. Believe me some young girl out there desperately seeking answers about herself and identity may come upon your words and be enlightened and transformed.

    Please, do not give in…if you believe your purpose is to write do just that.

    Love you and stay encouraged.

  3. I hear you loud and clear. I enjoy reading your blogs and followed you on twitter because your voice does matter. This movement is a hard fight. I feel like im picking up the torch my parents passed to me and I see a flame so bright and so strong in my children that I know, fighting is worth it. Our childrens generation will be different. After joining Natural I realized this change and movement, that for me started with hair is becoming a strong nation of people. I feel like a new community and culture is being born and the birth pains are only natural. We may be spread apart, but we ARE here. Stay strong Sis! For me, low points are the best times. God has used those moments to pour into me and prepare me for whats next. I can not wait to read how this time effects your writing in the future. Peace and LOVE

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