Difference Between a Bitter Woman and an Indifferent Woman

I’ve been called Bitter before, but I think the girl meant jealous–as if I was jealous of the parade of losers she brought in and out of her life every other month. LOL

But Bitter in every sense of the word when it comes to romance or relationships? I don’t think I’m in the category.

As defined by Webster Dictionary bitter is:

 (1) harshly reproachful (2) : marked by cynicism and rancor

A better word for me would be Indifferent–I just care either way anymore.

Back in the day, I did care.

I cared what guys thought of me. I cared that I was the only one in my group of friends that didn’t have a boyfriend (BTW that’s always me). I cared that guys jumped over me to talk to my other friends. I used to read romance novels, dream delicately about my prince charming coming to take me into his arms and tell me I was the only one. 🙂

I loved love songs. I liked to see romance movies…as a matter of fact I used to like romantic comedies.

Now… I’m totally different. I don’t hate those above things with a passion like a bitter woman does, but I just don’t care anymore about the fantasies of love being perfect and pure and amazing.

I’d rather watch a good Sci-Fi movie about ugly aliens taking over the world than go see a Romantic Comedy. LOL

I hate that other women automatically classify me as Bitter because I don’t have an interest in love anymore mainly because of my experiences. I like to see couples together and happy. I like weddings. I just don’t imagine MY personal love life as a Julia Roberts movie or  a pirate-themed romance novel, that’s all.

Maybe I don’t think I deserve the swept up emotions and whirlwind romances because I’ve been there, done that and found it to be temporary and unsatisfying.

Maybe it’s not Love I have a problem with, but the giddy inferior emotions that come with it.



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