The Angry Sister Syndrome MisDiagnosed

What is the Angry Sister Syndrome?

The Angry Sister Syndrome or A.S.S. is the term used for Black women who have taken the Sapphire spirit and times it by 10….The sympthoms include: anger, irritability, loudness, being obnxious,¬†condescending attitude, extreme threats of physical violence, having the need to be in control and various others.

Upon seeing a Black woman with sympthoms, it is imperatative that you run away as fast as possible.

While I am an advocate for the positivity in Black Women, I can’t help but acknowledge that there are sisters out there that are battling with Angry Sister Syndrome. You’ve seen them.. walking in the mall, down the street or even at family reunions…shouting, cussing, yelling at their signficant others and children…Maybe yelling at a waitress or the person at the cash register.

Even though there are some Black Women out there that have these attributes, about 80 to 90 percent of Black women don’t. Unfortunately, it’s always the negatives that get pushed out there in the forefront.

And when the majority don’t, within that majority, if one women shows at least one second of one of the above attributes she’s quickly diagnosed with the syndrome…completely MisDiagnosed…

If a Black woman, who has been mostly lenient all her life when it comes to men…when she has let them walk all over her and treat her like crap… when she no longer is passive, but ultimately states she can’t take the bull anymore and expresses it…she’s an Angry Black Woman.

Another example…

If a Black Woman can go toe to toe with a man phillosophically… if she can be equally intellectual with a man and passionately tells him that he is wrong…she’s an Angry Black Woman just because her voice is above a whispher.

I have personally realized that if my voice–as soft as it is–has some type of passion in it, I’m ultimately labeled as a woman suffering from A.S.S.

Why is that? Why the double standard?

Why is a Black woman considered angry when she “tells it like it is,” and a White woman considered intellectual?


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