Let Him Go, Sista…PLEASE!!!!

I know there are plenty of young ladies out there that have gotten over or is in the process of getting over a guy. I mean, that seems to be the way of the female life until we get married. We are either in a relationship or getting over that guy while enjoying our new-found freedom.

While we are on the path of self-forgiveness, that guy always pops back up–wanting to revive the dead relationship or just wanting to be friends.

What do you do?

Do you flush all that hard work down the drain, settle back into the comfort of same ole same ole?

Or do you trudge on, stick to your plan and stay on the path to self-discovery and acceptance?

This is a very important turning point. It shows whether or not you are over this guy. It also shows whether or not you are afraid of moving on.

Fear of the unknown, I think, is the biggest issue women have when trying to get over a guy. I’m pretty sure you are asking questions like “What if I never find someone again?” and “What if I get lonely?”  Those are all questions of a girl who has a fear of moving on. They’re comfortable in the life they lead and don’t want change.

My sister told me this story that made a PROFOUND mark on me.

There was this hiker. She made a mistake and left the starting point later than usual, but thought she could make it back before dark. However, she was wrong. She ended up at the mountain part at dusk. Not paying attention, she slipped and fell. But, she held onto the cliff for dear life.

It was dark underneath her feet and she didn’t know how high she was up, but something inside her told her to just let go. She wouldn’t–who would? She didn’t want to die. So throughout the night and the bitter cold she held on to the cliff. She got cramps in her shoulders, hands and fingers. She was getting tired.

Again, something inside her to her to just let go. She wouldn’t.

So the sun came up and there she was still hanging onto that cliff. She looked down a final time to find that she was only 2 feet from the ground.

Sometimes, we know deep down inside that that person is not good for us. They cause us all sort of pain, they make us cry…they hurt our feelings time after time, but the fear of not knowing what else is out there, causes us to keep holding onto that person.

And the longer you hold on, the more it hurts.

Nothing hurts me more than to see a girl holding onto some jerk because she thinks she can’t do any better. That used to me, but not anymore.

You have to put your happiness first. Chuck deuces and don’t look back 🙂



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