Life After College~~ Moving Away From Your College Town

I officially graduated from the University of Central Florida in August 2010. It’s March.. I haven’t gone back.

One of my bosses–there seems to be more than a few bosses at retirement centers these days–was telling me that her daughter, the same age as me, graduated from the University of Florida at the same time. My boss was complaining to me that her daughter drove to Gainsville every other weekend to go hang out with her friends who were finishing up their degrees.

My boss was expressing her frustration of her daughter not moving on from her college experience–her daughter not really accepting that her college life was over.

Like her daughter, my first couple of months back at home were pretty difficult. Boredom set in and I yearned for that carefree life. I hadn’t accepted that my time as a college student was over and that I had to concentrate on being an adult.

So, my first instinct was to go back to the city where I had so much fun. I didn’t look for jobs in my current city. I was still searching for jobs in Orlando, hoping that I will catch a break and be back with my friends.

I started to realize that I had to move on and landed a job in my current city…not even 5 minutes from my house.

Being away from Orlando, I’ve learned a lot. I still have MORE to learn, but I know what it takes to be an adult…

You should move away from your college town because you need a clear mind to figure out what your next step in life is going to be. And if you’re still in that area–with all your friends–you won’t be able to make certain decisions.

Moving away from your college town is a wake up call–it literally thrusts you into adulthood. And, if you have parents to guide you or not, you’ll be able to learn and grow from your experiences.

I didn’t want to move away from Orlando. I had to because I couldn’t stay in that student apartment for free! LOL  And while I longed for it the first couple of months, I don’t miss it so much anymore.

Going back to Orlando right now will be like taking a step back.

And I want to move forward.



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