Yet Another Colorism Tale~~Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

Wow! This is getting out of hand…

I was browsing Yahoo News and saw this article and was COMPLETELY horrified!!!!

See, this is the product of colorism. This is the product of the old “Lighter is better,” syndrome that plagues the African Diaspora, all descendents of Africans everywhere.

This is ridiculous and you know what? It’s not even the white people that is coming down on us for our skin color….IT’S OUR OWN PEOPLE!!!!

We shouldn’t complain about the “white man,” anymore, we’re doing just as much damage, probably even more.

My hope is that this fad does not come into America. My hope is that nuts like Vybez Kartel’s message doesn’t resonate with every person that hears his songs. My hope is that Jamaicans know that their skin is lovely and beautiful.

Jesus Christ….



2 thoughts on “Yet Another Colorism Tale~~Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

  1. I can’t imagine the poison that’s capable of killing melanocytes, that’s not also capable of killing other important cells of the body, like the cells that kill bacteria in the body. Or might it be possible that this poison reduces the skin’s ability to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation, which is more dangerous in these days because the ozone layer is destroyed.
    So in getting this pasty, ghastly lighter skin, what illness might be in the making for destroying other cells in the body? I hope Vybz doesn’t end up with any skin disease or cancers.

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