“Urban Apparel”~~ Enhancement or Exploitation

From the moment I was a high schooler up until…right now, actually, I have been trying to identify my own sense of style. The more I became aware of who I was, the more cemented my clothing of choice became.

Realizing I was a more “free-spirited,” type, I opted for clothes that represented that. However, I met an impasse. You see, the clothing that I’m attracted to is not made for my body type or any body type that is curvy and luscious. LOL

Everyday, I’m starting to love my body more and more. And while some time I do want to show off my curves, most of the time I want to dress how I feel my personality is.

The clothes that are meant for my body type always make me uncomfortable, not because I hate my body, but because the clothes that are marketing towards Black women are only ONE type. To me, they only show off the Black women form in the form of tight jeans, low-cut shirts, tight and short skirts… instead of enhancing the curve of our hips, they seem to…exploit it.

There’s a big difference between THIS:




I mean, c’mon…which one really look sexy and not overly trashy??? LOL

To me, it kinda reiterates that Black women are only sexual creatures….human beings used for the sexual gratification and fantasies of Black, White, Hispanic AND Asian men.

It reiterates that we are only our sex; not what we can give in our nurturing and strong character. It  displays our round hips, ample behind and big bosoms not because they’re great, but to entice the men around us.

It reminds me of the Jezebel Caricature…. The Jezebel Caricature was made up by White men, who gave excuses as to why they raped Black slaves. Because she was enticing, sultry and he was smitten by her somewhat otherworldly sexual nature.

I think it’s shame that clothing, much like the rest of our lives, is separated into different cultures. I live in South Florida and have seen certain stores that cater to Black women, others that cater to Hispanic women and others that cater to Asian and White women.

I think it’s shame that because of my form, I only can choose from a certain type of clothing. I rarely can walk in my favorite store Forever21 and find something  that can fit my butt and bosom. I have to resign to Dots or Rainbows, which doesn’t have the style I like!!!!

So, ever since I was able to pick out my clothes on my own, I’ve stirred away from “Urban Apparel,” name brands like Baby Phat, Apple Bottom Jeans, Roccawear and others.

And to all my friends that always wondered why NappyCentric is quick to hide her large bosom…To the friends who always wondered why I dress with flowy maxi dresses, oversize sweaters, comfy jeans and boyfriend T-shirts, this is why.





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