Letter to #TeamBreezy

I don’t like Chris Brown. I never did before the whole domestic abuse thing and I never will. Didn’t bought or listen to his music before it and never will.

But, I’m starting to realize that since this whole scandal, especially the recent temper tantrum at GMA, there have been a whole slew of young girls and women backing Chris Brown. “Team Breezy,” is posted on their walls and twitter accounts. #FAME plastered all over the place.

Chris Brown’s fans’ point of view is that Brown beat the crap out of Rhianna 2 years ago. Just 2 years ago, and that we, as the consumer, have no right to nail him on the cross. That we, as the consumer, need no apology and have no right to ask for one. Just look at the comments underneath this article.

That, I totally agree with. Again, I’ve never been a fan of Chris Brown and never will, before or after the domestic abuse, so I don’t think I deserve an apology. And if HIS fans believe they don’t need an apology, then who am I to say?

But, what I think #TeamBreezy must understand is there is such thing as “self-control.”

Everywhere, people get provoked. Everywhere, people get told off, their past being brought up. Everywhere, people get yelled at and cussed out.

But, you don’t see these people throwing chairs out the window. You don’t see them throwing temper tantrums and ripping off their shirts. LOL

To say, “forget and forgive,” is basically not holding celebrities accountable for their actions. Let’s be honest, if it was some regular Joe out in the streets, we heard that story would want him to be punished–hell fire and brimstone.

We, as Americans, hold celebrities up to a “God-like,” level. They can do no wrong, and, if they do, it shouldn’t be counted against them. But, they are people just like us.

I believe in the human spirit’s ability to change. However, a person’s change should be evident.

And Chris Brown still has a lot a change to do.



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