Are Black Women the Cause of Their OWN Bad Relationships?

I was at work and I saw this REALLY interesting video on YouTube.

In the video, a Black Woman basically says that as Black Women we need to stop blamming all our relationship problems on the shortcomings of Black Men. That we are usually the cause of our OWN bad relationship drama.

She also says she can’t stand Tyler Perry movies because the depict Black Men and Women negatively–> I TOTALLY agree with that. I can’t stand the Madea character! Now, I liked For Colored Girls, but I did feel the undertone of resentment throughout the movie. While I did agree that the depiction was very bad, I can’t help but realize that there are very few organizations out there that are trying to fight it.

My thoughts on For Colored Girl’s Depiction of Black men can be found here.

This chick spoke some truth… I definitely cringed at the part when she said that we pick men who we KNOW aren’t any good and then want to cry when things don’t work out. That was definitely an “Ouch,” moment. LOL

Video is Below! ENJOY!



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