Persecuted Daily…By Women

We can all agree that WOMEN CAN BE CATTY!

Women can be overly emotional, immature, malicious and just plain nasty. They can become jealous easily by things as little as you getting a new pair of shoes to you getting married and having children… Women are more likely to tear you down, destroy your self-esteem and make you cry more than men.

In the church, women have turned the above actions into an art form. Any Church-girl knows the damaging effects of church hurt more than anyone!

Unfortunately, I have ALWAYS been at the receiving end of such actions. Me and my sisters (and probably even my nieces when they get older) inherit that certain “je ne sais quoi,” from my mother and she from my Grandma and she from my Great-Grandma (Basically every women that came from my Great-Grandmother’s womb gets treated as such). As nice and as sweet as we TRY to be, there are always a group of girls or women that LOATHE us.

Then, we become the little bulldogs that the Edwards women can be. 🙂

But, Christ did say that as Christians we will be persecuted. However, we didn’t expect to be from our own kind…women.

I know there are many young ladies that have been through this type of phenomenon. It can draw a lot of emotions from you: anger, wrath, sadness, depression…

From a girl who has been literally persecuted been by women on a daily basis, I’m here to tell you IT DOES GET BETTER.

You just have to make up in your mind that you’re going to live your life for your happiness and not the happiness of others. Once you do that, nothing people will say will get to you. Nothing those girls at church do to you will affect your stride. They can say things about you, but you’ll walk up in the church with your head held high!

I promise.

Even if some girl is jealous of you and spread malicious lies about you just so she can feel more secure about herself (And I know this one first-hand LOL), just make up in your mind that nothing she says will bother you. Understand that the only reason why she’s being so malicious is because she doesn’t like herself.

And because of that she deserves some much needed prayer.

I’m telling you, it gets better! My mom always says to NEVER give anyone the power to control your day. If they say something hurtful, brush it off…it’s only their jealousies coming up to the surface.

I LOVE Mary J Blige’s “Work That.”

This song has kept me going and never fails to make me feel great about myself no matter what anybody says about me.

While there’s no way to avoid the haters, you can certainly ignore them knowing that on your WORST day, they can never be as good as you 🙂




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