The Best Revenge

Valentine’s Day draws out a lot of emotions from people. For some it’s love–it reminds them of the person they have, the people who blesses them everyday with their presence.

But, for most, it’s a reminder that you are once again SINGLE in a world that values you on whether or not you’re wanted by the opposite sex.

This year was kinda special for me and my tight-knit group of friends. This was the first year since we knew each other that we were all single…and we all took that in in several different ways. But, whether we took it in stride or was depressed, it all came back to one important thing: we have had past loves that ended miserably and Valentine’s Day reminded us of those jerks. LOL

And it didn’t help that Facebook allowed us to see how wonderful that person is doing (it’s my personal belief that Facebook is the worst thing to EVER happen to a person when it comes to love relationships). People post pictures of them and their lover, all smiles even though they almost broke up last week over some late-night conversation with an ex. We see them perfectly happy, not knowing what it takes to be in THAT relationship.

Anyway, seeing those pics and comments and statuses makes us sad, as if we’ve been giving the raw end of the deal during a break-up. Then, we get pissed.

But, you know what? I’m tired of being pissed. I’m tired of being angry because that person is happy and I’m miserable because I may have some emotional attachment to the idea of that person. I’m tired of pretending that everything is “all good,” when it’s actually not.

I’m tired of getting mad….I want to get even.

I want to start living my life, making it so fantastic and so wonderful that he’d wished to God that he was in it. But why, just do it for him? I want to do it for me.

I think the best revenge is moving on, but not for him, but for yourself. You…We owe it to ourselves to be happy. We shouldn’t forsake our own happiness for some guy that we used to have a thing with.

It’s time to start thinking about your own happiness. And, this guy, isn’t your happiness. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. God planned for you not to be together because this man isn’t what He wants for you. This  man can’t handle your prowess, your intellect, your creativity, your beauty, your kindness, your zest for life.

He’s not with you cuz he’s not good enough for you.

Those are the mantras I recite every time I feel like I should have did this or that to keep some guy. I recite them every time I start to feel down about myself, thinking I’m not good enough for a relationship.

My mom always says “To much is given, much is required.” Your guy is going to be absolutely amazing, believe me. But, in order for you to get that guy and appreciate him, you gotta go through some knuckleheads first. LOL

Oh, but in the end, it’s totally worth it! 🙂




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