Life After College~~ Leaving the “College Life” Behind

I was talking to a good friend of mine who, unfortunately, is in the same stage I was about 6 months ago.

To me, there are several stages a recent college graduate goes through. Excitement, Disbelief, Confusion, Depression and Acceptance.

I am proud to say that I have now accepted that I have graduated from college and am now a part of the working adult world. It took me several months to get to that point. It may to you who are reading this a few weeks, but it always takes me a little longer to accept things I cannot change.

Anyway, my good friend is now in the Confusion stage.

What is the Confusion stage?

It’s that stage where you really don’t know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. You’ve come to the realization that your major those four years you’ve been in college may not be a profitable one…you may not even want to be a journalist, an English professor or a graphic designer anymore.

But, that’s all in the physical realm.

During this Confusion stage you’re slowing coming to the realization that you’re no longer part of the exclusive club called “The College Student.”

No more drinking parties. No more free gym membership (No more free anything!). No more staying up and hanging out with your friends…that’s all done because YOU NEED A JOB.

You have to leave that “college life,” behind because now you’re a REAL ADULT with REAL BILLS.

And the longer you try to hang onto that life, the harder the transition from college student to adult is going to be.

Take my story for instance.

The only reason why I wanted to stay in the town I had been living in for 4 years is because I didn’t want to miss the drama and fun of my friends–who were still in college. That’s it, that’s all.

So I tried my hardest to find a job in Orlando. Believe me, from sun up to sun down I was searching for a job. There’s wasn’t a day gone by that I hadn’t sent resumes and filled out job applications… All so I can continue to live that College Life.

Even when I was living at home with my parents, I still filled out applications and sent resumes to Orlando. I didn’t accept the fact that that life was over.

I have now fully accepted that it’s over. I made some awesome memories and that’s just what they are MEMORIES. I can’t go back and capture all those moments. I need to do what’s right for me…the adult me.

My friend told me that it’s hard to just get up and walk away from the College Life. She was afraid that she would miss something.

But, I told her as I’m telling you, dear reader, that YOU WON’T MISS ANYTHING. Nothing new is going on. You will eventually get over fawning for that carefree life and grow out of it.

And you’ll find that gaining your own Independence–whether physically by living on your own or mentally by finding ways entertain yourself instead of waiting on others to do it for you–is so worth leaving all that behind.



2 thoughts on “Life After College~~ Leaving the “College Life” Behind

  1. girl girl girl… if only you knew (well you obviously do know) but i am right there with you on your discovering life as an adult after college.

    my horrible new reality is dating- something i put off til after grad school. and now im struggling with the who what how.

    just wrote something on May-December romances (tryna legitimize my wanting to get into one despite, perhaps knowing better?)

    1. Yes! Yes! and Yes!!!!! To me, dating is one of the major issues while being out of college….basically, getting to KNOW people is an issue because it’s a different breed of young adults out there that haven’t went to college so you all have a different experience and have to find a common ground—which can be pretty hard.
      I’m with you on that, queen! 🙂

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