Why The Animosity Between Black Americans and Carribbean Americans and African Americans?

Saw this video a couple of days ago and now it’s on Bossip, so I just had to show you this.

I could easily get angry, but I’m just deciding to laugh at the ignorance of this chick and many other Black “Foreigners,” who have left comments underneath this video.

Living in South Florida, you get a lot of this.

The influx of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latino people all have this view of us Black Americans because they see what they only want to see. I remember being in college and, while me and my friends were hanging out, I heard comments from some of them that was, sort of demeaning to Black Americans. That they’re lazy, crazy, uneducated and jealous that many Caribbeans are advancing while they are not.

At this time, they didn’t know I was Black American….they just assumed that since I was from South Florida, that I HAD to be from the islands.

When I explained to them that I wasn’t, that my family was originally from Savannah, Georgia–Southern bred, born and raised–you should’ve seen their eyes… Yes, caught you. Blew your stereotypes right out of the window!

It’s not my job to change their attitudes. It’s seriously ingrained in them to think so negatively about us.

All I can do is be me.

That’s why they’re so surprised when I tell them I’m Black American, not Jamaican or Haitian. Because I’m respectful and kind and educated and speak proper English. And, yes, I can get hood when I want to, switch it up and go into work in the next 15 minutes and be absolutely professional.

Let’s face it, we all have our certain perceptions about other cultures because we can’t understand it. To be honest, I have found myself wincing at the words I just said about other groups….words I’ve heard since I was a child.

But, I know that this is wrong and have corrected myself.

What do you guys think about it?





One thought on “Why The Animosity Between Black Americans and Carribbean Americans and African Americans?

  1. I think the tensions between us are all about dividing and conquering. In my experience, there are more similarities between us than differences. United, what a beautiful powerful group we would be.

    It’s interesting that you are from Savannah. I think the experience of the Gullah people (from around that region)is very similar to many Carribean cultures (in that a lot of language and culture was preserved.)

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