Is Natural Hair a Movement or a Trend?

Well, this article has gotten a lot of buzz lately.

Cluth Magazine, which is yet another website I visit daily that is dedicated towards women of color, posted this article, My Hair, My Decision by Aisha Terry.

In the article, Terry explains that she is sick and tired of the debate of natural women straightening their kinks. Terry, who is transitioning, has worn a relaxer in her hair for 17 years and, I state:

I will not have anyone tell me that I have to wear my hair in its natural state. My hair, my decision.

Honestly, I like the points of the article, but I disliked the TONE.

But, like most articles, it is the comment section that really gets you thinking.

Various comments were directed towards the Black Power Movement and how women showed their Afro-centric philosophy by not straightening their hair or chemically treating their hair. One comment that PISSED me off was this:

The current ‘natural hair movement’ worries me because it’s starting to feel like the Black Power Movement and I’m sure someone is wondering “What’s wrong with that? We need to bring back that time period!”. Well obviously, that movement didn’t last long did it?

If she knew history, she would know that that movement was shut down because the government thought it was a terrorist organization and basically threw the leaders in jail for various things leaving the movement in total chaos…

But that’s neither here nor there 🙂

Other comments questioned why people decided to go natural in the first place. Was it to follow a trend or was it indeed a movement like in the 60s and 70s?

I am a believer that people are individuals and as individuals people do things for various reasons.

Angela Davis

Take me, for example. I decided to cut my hair because I wanted a physical transformation to fit my ideals and principles of Black is Beautiful. I am Afro-centric. I believe that Black people are beautiful and will always be beautiful. That we are a POWERFUL PEOPLE and have so much of that power within us.

I am Pro-Black.

To me, it looked weird if I was pro-Black-Beauty and still chemically treated my hair, taking it from its natural form and forcing it to do something that it wasn’t made to do.

That was me.

I know other naturals who stop relaxing because their hair was damaged and they needed to start over. I know other naturals that stop relaxing because they wanted a change in their appearance. Others wanted their hair to be healthier and stronger.

Then, there are those that wanted to do it because, HECK, everyone else was doing it.

My point is we cannot sit back and group everyone together when it comes to Natural Hair because everyone BC-ed for different reasons.

Mine was revolutionary. One of my best friends (who is natural but usually wears her hair straight) did it because her hair was breaking off  from the chemicals. Another was because she wanted something new and different.

I have another best friend who still perms her hair. She even tried to go natural and realized that it wasn’t for her, but I didn’t jump down her throat because I believe that everyone has a choice!

So, that’s why I say that Natural Hair is neither a movement or a trend. And to categorize it as such means that person has no idea what individualism is.

So, do you when it comes to your hair because I’m certainly doing me 🙂



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