Dating Outside My Culture~~ Quick Thought

Something my twin sister said earlier on today that I thought was extremely interesting… After I told her that I was considering dating outside my culture, she told me that if I was willing to do it, then I had to accept Black men dating outside our culture as well.

It’s no secret to anyone that has read this blog–or that knows me personally–that that particular subject irritates me, but not for reasons as suggested. I’m all for free love–love who you want to love and date who you want to date! I don’t care! Just do you!–but if you degrade the Black women in return, that’s when I have a HUGE problem.

There are men out there that date outside their culture and in turn say Black women are “hoodrats,” “ghetto,” “angry,” “uneducated,” “hoes,” “baby mamas”…the list goes on and on. And that is CERTAINLY not the truth.

All I’m saying is that if Black man is attracted to a woman outside his culture, that’s fine with me, but don’t you DARE blame your attraction to the experiences you’ve had with 3 or 4 Black women.

That’s generalization and stereotyping.



One thought on “Dating Outside My Culture~~ Quick Thought

  1. I agree. I have nothing wrong with black men dating other cultures, races, etc. Yet, when you purposely degrade black women in order to justify your relationship preferences, then that’s a major problem with me.

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