NappyCentric’s Reading Challenge~~Are you a Black-Feminist?

I’ve been told numerous times by other people that I am a feminist.  And while I embrace that title, I’ll be honest… I’m not too sure what they entail. I mean, are you a feminist because you believe that women are equal to a men? Is that the only portion of feminism? There’s got to be more than just that.

And since I’m Black, my beliefs tend to cater towards the Black community.

So, as per my New Years Resolutions, I wanted to real more books about Blackness and, well, Black Feminism is a part of that.

My challenge is read every book in this article by MadameNoire.

And, maybe you’ll join me? 🙂







5 thoughts on “NappyCentric’s Reading Challenge~~Are you a Black-Feminist?

  1. i actually like MadameNoire…they actually speak the truth (most of the time) on many black issues that are not talked about too often…but there’s no doubt that u r a black feminist so embrace it =)

  2. Hey Sistah,

    Just read the article on Madame Noire. Many years ago, I read two of the books on that list, When Chickheads Come Home to Roost, by Joan Morgan; and, Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman. I read many of bell hooks’ articles and listened to her speeches. I just purchased a book that she wrote about pedagogy; but, I have only read a few pages.

    Also, sistah, please go to my blog and purchase your books through my store. I greatly appreciate the support. Let me know when you finish reading those books, especially the one by Joan Morgan. I am going to have to see what she has written lately.

      1. both were excellent reads. The one by Joan Morgan is a conversational type book, thus an easy read. The other book is more academic, using history and herstory; she includes her life experiences into herstory. She does tremendous critical analysis, especially about the Myth of the Superwoman and contributory factors of oppression etc.

        Check out the items at my Boutique!

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