Interesting Thought~~The Virgin’s Curse

If you’re uncomfortable talking about a woman’s right to choose, maybe you shouldn’t read this post… LOL

Yes, they are women out there that go the traditional route when it comes to their bodies. We are an elite corps, a group of young people who rely heavily on our spiritual and mental strength to get us through the every day.

But while keeping our purity makes us feel mentally and spiritually secure, there is another side to it all: The Virgin’s Curse.

What is the Virgin’s Curse?

It is the fact that every man you date will eventually taper away from the decision you make. It is that 99 percent of the men you meet will want to have sex with you and will try to even after you inform them of your decision.

It is that you won’t have very many significant others than the girl who isn’t waiting and that even those significant others may walk away because of your decision.

Such is the case with New York socialite, rapper, singer Teyana Taylor in this Bossip article.

It’s something all of us have to deal with!

We have to understand that if a man doesn’t want to wait for us then he’s not worth our time or energy.

He’s actually doing us a favor! 🙂 At least he’s man enough to realize he did have the mental strength to carry him to the next phase of the relationship. He may be one of those people that makes sex a VERY important factor when it comes to relationship–A person that believes intimacy cannot be shared without sex.

Who knows! Just stay true to yourself like he’s staying true to himself.

And know that your man is on his way!



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