NappyCentric’s 2011 Resolutions!

After several days of contemplation, I’ve finally come up with certain resolutions that will help me during 2011.

It helps to give each year a theme. In 2010, after two months of anxiety and sadness over some fellow, I wanted to laugh more and I certainly accomplished that. 🙂

But 2011 is all about Living My Life For Me and doing things that make ME happy. The people-pleasing NappyCentric is dead and gone. I danced on her grave! LOL This year is all about me and the ones I love.

I understand that some people won’t like you living your life for you. I tend to find out that people have the preconceived notions about how you should act and what you should do because they want you to be this way or that. But, as for me? No more!

So, while this year has a theme, all of my resolutions are geared towards self-love, self-expression and self-improvement. 🙂

So here is a list of my resolutions. ENJOY!


1. Meditate every other day reciting mantras that express self-love and appreciation.

2. Live a healthier lifestyle by eliminating Beef and Pork, drinking more water, exercising more often, taking multivitamins and eating fruits and vegetables everyday.

3. Concentrate on the health of my natural hair to improve shine, strength and length.

4.  Read intellectual books about Blackness.

5. Enjoy Life More! Do what makes me happy and makes me feel complete 🙂


One thought on “NappyCentric’s 2011 Resolutions!

  1. Hey Sistah,

    Just read your post and I support you and I am on the path with you too. Also, following you on twitter (hope you will follow me too). My mantra is health and happiness, wealth and success!


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