Life After College~~Going Back Home to Your Parent’s House

To many a college student, the ultimate fail will be giving up your independence, packing up all your stuff in your parent’s car and moving home.

You feel like a failure; that your whole 4 years were for nothing…and that diploma with your name on it? It seems like that is worth as much as your high school diploma.

Then it’s your friends. Some of them are still in college and others have gotten a job and are living their lives seemingly more independent than you.

I was one such college student.

When I had to walk that dreaded path back to my parents house, I became severely depressed.

But, now, looking at it in hindsight, I realize that it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

I read on this website, College Aftermath that one of the Most Common 10 Mistakes a College Graduate Makes is not making going home an option. It may not be the most glamorous option, but, hey, it’s an option. At least you have SOMETHING to go home to….and it’s cheap, too!

Going back home has its advantages.

I’ve grown up. I’ve realized what it takes to be an adult: bills, loans, car payments… My parents have not only instilled in me the responsibilities of an adult, but they’ve taught me how an adult acts, speaks and thinks.

I see things so clearly now. Being away from the college-life has allowed me to set goals for myself–realistic goals that I couldn’t fathom when I was in school.

Now, I just think of coming home as a precursor to adulthood. Not a step back, but a step forward.

When I go out into the adult world, I’ll be equipped to not come back :-).


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