Heartbreak~~The Thing That Turns Men Into Boys

I have a lot of guy friends that I love dearly.

They’re like my little brothers.  They range from nice and sweet to total a**holes. Each one has a distinct personality that makes them unique, that makes me love them the more–even the a**holes. LOL

But one thing they ALL have in common is their share of heartbreak. Every guy-friend that I know has had their heart stumped on, chewed and spit out by one girl causing them to be the a**holes I know and love or making them completely giving up on the prospect of love.

They bounce from one girl to the next. Breaking hearts and stringing the poor thing along for the woe-is-me pitty party causing the girl to just give up and walk away from them–the very thing they wanted in the first place, but didn’t want to tell the chick because they didn’t want to “hurt their feelings.” (like dragging them along wasn’t painful at all).

My point is that when it comes to heartbreak it seems that men take it harder than women. Not only do they take it harder, but they purposely make the future girls they meet suffer.

Think about it, ladies.

How many times have you heard a guy that you’re interested in tell you that he’s not ready for a relationship because a past heartbreak, BUT still wants to jump in and out of your bed, flirt and do whatever?

What about when he says he’s just not ready for a relationship or that he’s “confused.”

Yeah, right. 🙂

That ultimately means that 1.) He’s not that into you and 2.) He is allowing an emotional scar (another woman) to dictate how he will treat the next and next for the rest of his life.

But, women…we’re different.

Oh, our hearts get broken A LOT more than men. And we cry our eyes out and swear we would never love again…until we see that hot cutie in the corner with the pecs, biceps, triceps and washboard abs. LOL

My question is: WHY, boys, WHY?

Why do you allow this one chick to ruin your love-life? Are you that scared to be hurt again?

Hmmm… It would seem that~~ Men may be physically stronger than women, but they couldn’t lift one emotional weight whereas a woman can bear everything on her back.

So, that begs to question.

Who is the stronger sex?



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