Cartoon Character Campaign a Sham???

Well, it seems like the Cartoon Charactoer Campaign on Facebook was supposedly a sham. Facebook statuses that once championed the cause to fight child abuse have now gave way to a warning that a “group of pedophiles,” made up this campaign in order be accepted as friends for under-age Facebook users.

I can honestly tell you there’s no truth to it.

Fact is we don’t know where the Cartoon Character Campaign came from. We don’t know if it was actually for a positive thing or for some sick-twisted 45-year-old that wants to get off from a young kid’s picture. But, I’ll tell you this: I chose to believe that it was for an awesome cause.

Let’s think about it.

How many more people were aware of child abuse? How many people decided to give to charities or to write letters to a politician to stop violence against kids? How many college students sat back in their dorm room, reminsicing about Saturday morning cartoons? How many sang along with the cartoon theme songs on Youtube?

We as people are so quick to believe the negativity in this world because we are bombarded with it everyday of our lives!

Let’s be honest, pedophilia is mental disease that pedophiles are NOT proud of. There’s no way on God’s green earth that a “group of pedophiles,” would come together and make this somewhat elaborate plan to be friends with a kid on Facebook. Besides, how would they know the person is actually underage by looking at their cartoon characters?

There’s just so many holes, but people are willing to believe the bad rather than the good.

So, I choose to keep my collage of cartoon characters up for the next 30 minutes because I know I did it for positive reasons, to bring awareness to a subject that REALLY tugs at my heartstrings.



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