Colorism within the Music World…Yes, it does exist!

Here’s a comment I saw on a website that set the wheels in my head turning.

Artistry is not based on your itunes charting and the records you sell. Artistry is about talent. Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia get special treatment from the mainstream media because of their light-complexion. YES I SAID IT! I do believe Beyonce and Alicia have other talents besides singing. Rihanna has no other talent besides her singing..wearing clothes and being attractive are not a talent. It’s not hating, it’s the truth because I’m light-kinned too and I see how people talk about them to seem above other talented artists like a Fantasia or Monica.

I promise many of these stans would not be interested in
Beyonce, Alicia or Rihanna if they looked like India Arie, who is
a very talented dark-kinned singer. If Beyonce looked like Jill Scott would you still be singing “Irreplaceable”?

And, you know what, I think this person has a valid point!

Colorism is my FAVORITE subject to speak on because for the life of me I can’t understand why we as Black people still allow this to divide our community.

Colorism effected every part of our lives back in the day. It was the deciding factor on how we were treated on plantations. It divided us among class lines after slavery. It answered the question whether or not we were allowed to be in certain Black organizations. And today, it is used to define our beauty.

Within the music industry I realize that light-skinned artists are considered more successful than their dark-skinned counterparts…. successful in the sense that they sell more CDs and are “honored,” more than dark-skinned women even if women like India.Arie are more talented.

Let’s all be honest… Jill Scott can sing circles around Beyonce. Monica can put Rhianna to shame. And Alicia Keys has NOTHING on Fantasia. But because of their light-skinned they are considered more talented.

And it’s not just in their “artistry,” it’s in their personal life as well.

Work with me now…

Both Fantasia and Alicia Keys were sleeping with and dating married men. That’s no secret, everyone knows that. But, Fantasia is the one that receives the brunt of condemnation. Alicia Keys got by because–and I read this on a blog–she’s beautiful. Yes! Someone actually said that because Alicia Keys is pretty and light, then she’s not to blame for the dissolution of a marriage.

Am I reading too much into this? Is artistry really based on the complexion of a women and how “sexy” she is, instead of the art itself? Have we really gone so low as a people to think that the voice is secondary only to the physical?

Hmmmm…. Help me out…



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