International Shadeism

This is a really awesome video that shows the international issue of shadeism.

Shadeism–more commonly known as Dark vs. Light– is my favorite topic of choice because it really shows how much European colonial powers really affected People of Color around the world.

And it’s not only affected Blacks, but it effects Non-White People ALL OVER THE WORLD.

So here is a video I found extremely interesting on the subject.

Believe me, a person post will soon follow 🙂



One thought on “International Shadeism

  1. “Until The Color of A Man Skin Is No More Significant Than The Color of His Eyes, The Rule For International Morality Will Continue To Be A Fleeting Illusion To Be Pursued, But Never Obtained”. H.S.

    A Quote I’ve Never Forgotten, Nor Ever Forget!
    ” VOLTA a NewYorkCuban ”
    …Peace Everyone !

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