Relaxed vs. Natural…An Individual’s Choice

I’ve had  A  LOT of people come up to me and say they love my hair.

“It’s so soft! I wish I could go natural,” they say.

And I always answer, “Well, why don’t you? Cut it off!”

And they always reply with so many excuses such as:

“My hair is too nappy.”

“I don’t want to cut it short.”

“I don’t have the right shaped head for that.”

And so on.

And I think it’s kind of funny. Because before I went natural the same excuses went through my head on a daily basis.

I haven’t always been the champion for natural hair that you read before you. I was addicted to relaxers or what we naturals call the “creamy crack.” I wanted that long, luxurious straight hair that I see on the BET commercials (have you ever notice that the only commercials that feature black women with relaxed hair are commercials shown on BET? Take a look at the all the commercials made by non-Blacks on other channels. Have you ever seen a straight-haired black girl? Hmmmm). I wanted my hair to look like the wigs that Beyonce wore. I want my hair to have the “white girl flip,” of the stereotypical AKA.

Then I realized the reason why I got my hair relaxed was to look like other women. That went against my whole personality of individualism and afrocentricism!

So, I had to change. And three months later I had a head full on one-inch natural kinks. 🙂

But, going natural isn’t for everyone. If you can believe it, some people just don’t like look and feel of their own natural hair on themselves. And it’s not their fault. We’ve been brainwashed since birth to look more like white women in every way possible. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics… all of us. Our men, too. So they can’t help it.

But, that’s their choice, just like it’s my choice to go natural.

I went natural because I want to be an individual, I wanted to love myself from head to toe… and it makes me happy.

But, if you relax your hair and it makes you happy, then do what you do!

You don’t have to explain to anyone why you chose to wear your hair either way.

Just know the facts (which I will explain in a later post) and if you’re okay with it, then be happy.



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