Mistakes and Consequences: What I’ve Learned From Dating ~~ The Bad Boy Syndrome Part 1

My first semester of college found me in a very…adventurous state.

I was sick of the Church-Boys. Sick of trying to date a guy that everyone else wanted me to date. I didn’t want to date someone like me. I wanted the thrill and passion of a whirlwind romance and would do anything to get it.

So I became sick with The Bad Boy Syndrome.

Now The Bad Boy Syndrome is a disease that effects many women worldwide. It is an unstoppable plague that wrecks havoc in every woman’s heart at least once in her life. The Bad Boy Syndrome seeps into the heart of a woman at the most opportune moment–the moment where her guard is down and her heart is fragile.

After my tryst with Mr. No Vision, my guard was down and I was looking for love in all the wrong places and found Mr. Thug (There’s no other way of describing this guy. He really was a hardcore “thug.”)

Funny enough, I met Mr. Thug at church, but I knew he was no Church-Boy. He caught my eye as soon as he came through the door. The way he walked captivated me. Head up, eyes straight–very regal. He was the epidamy of tall, dark and handsome–and did I mention he had dimples? Deep dimples…and a smile that made me melt.

And it wasn’t just his physical appearance that attracted me. Mr. Thug had a libertine attitude–carefree and did whatever he wanted. He wasn’t moved by tears and whining. He was educated, but an educated thug is the most dangerous type. And INTELLIGENT…. he was extremely gifted at math (he did my Advanced Algebra homework once in 10 minutes…something that would have taken me HOURS to do….no kidding) and he liked music. He could play a song on the piano just by hearing it once.

Can you tell I was head over heels over this boy? lol

And let’s not mention Mr. Thug was my first kiss, something I take very seriously. (Kissing is very intimate…anyone can have sex!).

He was my first love.

Love is definitely blind because while I was expressing my intense love for him on a DAILY basis, Mr. Thug was seeing someone else. I could feel him pull away from me, so I took drastic measures and did whatever he wanted me to do. I was at the point where if he would’ve said, “NappyCentric, jump!” I would’ve asked, “How high?” I was at his beck and call night and day.

But, that still didn’t satisfy him.

The Spring Semester of my freshmen year in college, Mr. Thug told me he was dating someone else. And that they had been dating since Fall.


(Stay tuned for the rest of the story in my next post)



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