The Forsaken ~~ A Poem by NappyCentric

One of my favorite poems I thought I’d share with you…..A little MIXTURE of my belief and the tone of a poem from the Beat Generation. Enjoy!

(The following is the sole property of NappyCentric. Any distribution or copying will result in some serious charges…)  🙂



Lives patterned after the forsaken

Ears closed to the wise teachings the pulpit can bring us

We listen with our eyes, legs wide, Biology pulsating through us like vapors

We accumulate trophied-bruised knees in the effort to make a story- an egregious


We welcome flesh, taste it and love it while our spirit girgitates the violent unwanted

We cultivate addiction eyes blind to the salty tears and the sore knees of our mothers

And the past of our brothers? We steadfastly try to out-do the painful surrender of our

godly souls

We “fight” our wants but eventually give into the dusty backseats of cars, bare bottoms

and gropes

And circumspectively feel our ways into the haze bars, crack houses and hotels

And we scream in rapture

We are bent over, tip toed, innocence streaming from us as we cry out in feigned joy

And we scream in feigned joy

As we stumble upon black angels that are black angels, feeding each and every single sin

And we hit the pavements searching for ourselves lost in the darkness; we’re blinded by


We hope to find that one inner peace we felt in the 15th pew, but now are thrown into the


Lost in the translation of wisdom, angered by the somewhat veil covering our eyes, we

pattern our lives

But eventually become the forsaken


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