Mistakes and Consequences: What I Have Learned from Dating ~~ Mr. No Vision

Mr.  No-Vision was the type of guy I felt I was SUPPOSED to be with.

He was a church-boy. I was a church-girl. He could sing with such a power. I could praise dance very well. He was the pastor’s favorite kid in the church. I was the favorite girl in the church. He was cute. I was cute… the whole church, from what I was told, believed that we should have been together and concocted plans to put that in motion.

Unfortunately, instead of listening to my own heart (and that foreboding tugging at my spirit) I succumbed to his advantages. It was no secret my whole family didn’t like him and I couldn’t understand why. Wasn’t this the type of person they wanted me to date? A church-boy? Someone I went to church with and was saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost?

Well, maybe he wasn’t saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. And my parents could definitely see through his rouse.

As we talked on the phone, he started to reveal more about his nature. Saved? Yeah, he went to church, was touched by God various times and believed that his singing was anointed. Sanctified? Probably not, he slept with every thing that walked on two-legs. Holy Ghost filled? Well, if he was some of the things he was doing, like smoking weed and getting into trouble with the law, he wouldn’t have done.

So, he wasn’t this church-boy I thought he was, but I didn’t care. By this time I was head over heels, trying to hurry up the process of having a boyfriend. But, my being impatient truly backfired on me.

He asked me to be his girlfriend on a Friday night. Trying to not to appear too desperate, I told I’d think about it and call him tomorrow. I called him all day that Saturday, no answer. So, I decided to tell him Sunday, because I’d see him then. After church on Sunday I finally received the reason why he wasn’t returning my calls.

“There’s a reason to my madness,” he said, “I was just talking to you because I thought me and my other girlfriend weren’t going to get back together. We are so…”

You know that feeling when you can’t breathe? Well, that was how I felt… panicked.

That night, while I was crying on my parents balcony (who, mind you, turned their dislike of Mr. No Vision to hate), I swore that I would NEVER give him the chance to be with me ever again.

And I didn’t. Oh, he called me back later on that week stating that there was a mis-communication between him and the other girl and they were NOT dating. And–and this is the hilarious part–he would like to be with me.

I respectively told him no. 🙂

I would hear from Mr. No Vision every couple of months over the next few years. And every time he would reveal a new career he was pushing towards. He wanted to be a chef. Then, a police detective. Then, he was selling drugs…. It really hit home why my parents didn’t like him in the first place.

It isn’t a good idea to date  a person who has no vision. Because if they bounce back in forth in a decision that is as important as what they want to do for the rest of their life, it’s no biggie if they bounce back and forth between girls.

Mr. No Vision didn’t know what he wanted in life. And he definitely didn’t know what he wanted a significant other.



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