The Tired Black Man and the Angry Black Woman:How to Soothe Both Sides~~Conclusion

I can’t and won’t persuade a person to date inside their culture if they don’t want to, but do consider your reasoning.

Why do you want to date outside your race?

Is it because you’re tired of a woman’s anger. Are you tired of her nagging and “put downs”? Are you tired of her scathing disrespect for you as a man?

Well, consider her life as a Black female? Consider the fact that she may not have had a man in her life that was positive role model, a man who showed her what to look for in a significant other. Or that she is living in a Eurocentric world, something against her Afrocentric nature.

Why are Black men turning towards relationships with Asian, Hispanic and White women? It is easy for us to be angry at them and blame them for our loneliness, but is it fair?  Afterall, they’re not the makers of this world that we live in. They have certainly assimilated. Maybe as Black women we need to sit back and look at how we sometimes put down our men. We need to understand that not all men are dogs, that they are some very good men out there that will give us all the love we could ever want…as long as we respect them.

In order to soothe both sides of black relationship we truly need UNDERSTANDING. Black men must understand that the ways of the world we live in is against our nature and they we are fighting against it like a trapped lioness. And Black women must understand that, yes, we are queens, but the Black men is our king and we must treat him as such.

We must learn to rule our little kingdoms together.



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