Weight Loss Journey~~4 Reasons We Slack Off From Excercising

I’m several weeks into my weight loss journey and I think I’m doing okay. I haven’t been eating fast foods every other day and I have continued my regime of brisk walking for 45-50 minutes everyday and drinking water.

I can’t wait until I have money so I can “up the ante,” on this journey. With money I can do group exercises at my local gym which can speed up the process (I LOVE aerobic exercise!).

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I tried to lose weight. During the last 4 years of my life, while I was in college, I did go through a roller coaster when it came to my weight. I went in college at 126 and I left college at 135…not that bad over 4 years. Most college students gain that and more their first semester away from home.

While I was determined to lose weight, I did come up with excuse after excuse not to go work out.

I read this article, 4 Reasons We Slack Off From Exercising, and found it to be interesting. It gives the reasons and ways to combat them.

Happy Reading!




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