Is Yoga Un-Christian?

I started doing yoga when I was a freshmen in college. At first, I found it boring, but then realized how relaxed I was when I left the fitness studio at my school’s health and wellness center. However, I did question whether or not yoga was un-Christian. Naturally, I went to my mother and father (who is a youth pastor) for answers. They informed me that the deep breathing during yoga could be a gateway for many negative spirits and that is was a religious practice.

So, I stopped going.

I didn’t pick up yoga again until my senior year in college, when I enrolled in a personal wellness course. Not only did I learn that yoga is NOT a religion, but that it benefits the mind–making it more alert– and the body–making it stronger and toning the muscles.

I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with yoga… I view it as a form of a low-intensity exercise.

Here’s an article I found interesting on Yahoo about this subject.

Yoga–what is it exactly?



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