The Tired Black Man and the Angry Black Woman Part 2: Why Black Women are So Angry

“Why are Black woman so angry?” is one of the most sought after questions within the Black community. Why do we have attitudes? Why do we shout and yell and roll or necks and eyes? Why are we so willing to fight?

This is one of the main reasons why Black men say they date outside their ethnicity and culture.

But, brothers, instead of running away from us, have you ever sat down to understand WHAT made us so angry? You want us to understand your position in society and why it’s so hard to be a Black man in this world, but don’t you think it’s even harder to be a Black woman in the this world? Black women have been the lowest on the totem pole in this country because of our physical and mental differences from other women.

There are several reasons why we are angry (the absence of men during slavery and modern times, the percentage of black males in the prison, and the challenges of raising children in a single parent home); however, in this blog post, I’ll address  a cultural aspect: that we are African women living in a Eurocentric world and we’re fighting against it.

In Africa, women were revered and men were respected. Men and women held equality within their household and community. Many women held official and prestigious titles alongside their male counterparts. Their children didn’t see their father as more important than their mother…they realized that both their parents were EQUALLY IMPORTANT. Our culture realized that the woman depended on the man and the man depended on the woman. Unfortunately, that’s not the way of the world.

We were kidnapped from a world were we were equal, to one that found us lower than dirt and even lower than that because we were women. The Eurocentric view was and still is that women were subservient to men, but that was against our very nature. We were used to being equal, not being a servant to men and vice versa.

During slavery, our men were beat into submission before our very own eyes. And while we were be raped our men were no where to be found. Men were sold away from their families, leaving the women to fend for themselves and their children.

The Black woman was bred from slavery to DEPEND ON HERSELF. She has learn to do things on her own without the help of men because of the traumatic events of slavery that left our ancestors with no husbands, no father-figures. And that independence terrifies many Black men, which it shouldn’t because we were independent in Africa. But, Black men have integrated to the Eurocentric viewpoint; Black women still feel the longing of the Afrocentric one.

Our frustrations of not living the way were meant to live tend to come out in our neck rolling, our tongue lashing and our attitude. It does seem angry, I’ll admit. But, have you ever seen a recently captured lion act calm? Have you ever seen a captured elephant perform tricks it was not meant to do without the stabbing of spears from circus trainers?

No. Well, that’s us! 🙂

The Black woman is angry because we are being force to fit in this box of “Eurocentricism.”

And we are unhappy.



2 thoughts on “The Tired Black Man and the Angry Black Woman Part 2: Why Black Women are So Angry

  1. Hmmmm…I never thought of it quite like this. But I guess feeling like a misshaped puzzle piece could be the reason for a lot of black woman animosity. Afterall, trying to fit our afrocentric nature into a eurocentric society plays out in many different ways. And that can boil down to a simple everyday thing like hair. I hate it that my hair has to look a certain way (mainly relaxed) in order for me to be socially accepted…Nice post.

    1. Oh Wow!!! Thanks very much. And I understand EXACTLY how you feel about hair. That is a simple example of how we (not just us, but other cultures as well) have to conform to the Eurocentric view of beauty.

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