The Tired Black Man and the Angry Black Woman Introduction

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching “The Diary of Tired Black Man,” a documentary that explores the Black male and female relationship. It is AMAZING! I learned so many things watching it. Some things I agreed with and some things I absolutely abhorred. The next couple of blog posts will be exploring the things I didn’t like about the movie–it’s sorta like my rebuttal to the reasonings of why Black men are tired.

I think as a community we need to have open dialogue about the controversial issues we face everyday. We need to understand why the Black man is so tired and why the Black woman is so angry. You may not agree with this, but I believe each causes the other. The Black man is tired because the Black woman is angry; and the Black woman is so angry because the Black man is so tired! LOL

Men, I understand why you’re tired of our attitudes, but, believe me, there are SO many reasons for why we as Black women have built up walls and put on a tough exterior. You HAVE to understand them just as we HAVE to understand yours.

So, I hope you enjoy my little rantings. I’m actually quite excited about it 🙂

NappyCentric ~~Peace


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