Weight Loss Journey: Week One Recap

So the first week was both a success and a failure for me. While I “up the ante,” on my work out regimen and rose above the certain temptations that befell me, I also failed in a miserable way.

I’ll be honest: I like fast food…McDonald’s in particular.

There’s just something about those crispy, salt-laced french fries when they’re fresh from the oil and just perfect–not to hot and not cold–just perfect. The chicken nuggets and their juicy, tender, succulent white meat… I love it.

Even though I ate fast food twice last week, I can surely turn this into a positive. I understand that I added more calories to my daily caloric intake, but I also realize that I am severely addicted to those dang fries! Throughout the week I was tempted by doughnuts and cookies and overcame those temptations, but when it came to those pipping-hot fries, I was weak.

In an article on How to Overcome Fast Food Addiction I found out that fast food addiction is a controversial subject. Some researchers believe that the salts and oil found in fast food releases the same pleasure chemical in our brains as heroin does. Other researchers deny this, but says that overeating is a psychological issue.

In my case, my cravings for fast food is so intense it actually feels like an addiction, so I’m leaning more towards that area in the research.

A lot of the steps that the author lined out in the article are sound, especially the second step where he/she states to figure out how much money we spend on fast food. Because, let’s be honest, fast food not only hurt our bodies, but hurts our wallets as well.

So, what does this tell me?

It tells me that while I have a lot of work to do, I can focus more on overcoming my fast-food addiction. I know the issue why I gain weight the way I do and, now,  I can work towards stopping it.



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