Rest in Peace, Nujabes

Once in a while, an amazing, creative artist pops up in the midst “popular” music art forms. Hip-hop has become noticeable fashionable over the recent years while hard beats and tremendous bass have been an element in each Hip-hop song.

But there was a different type of sound m from the bowls of underground Hip-hop, a sound known as Nujabes. Nujabes, or June Seba, was an entrepreneur in Hip-hop beats, molding the soft and sometimes hunting melodies of smooth jazz samples with a hardcore bass.

He collaborated with various Japanese artist such as Minmi and Shing02 (my personal favorites) as well as American underground artists like The Five Dees, Substantial, CYNE and british rapper Funky DL (again, my personal favorites).

Nujabes was involved in a traffic accident in February, but his untimely death is still traveling around the world in waves. He will always be remembered.

R.I.P. Nujabes

Click here to listen to one of my favorite Nujabes songs “The Sky is Falling.”


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