Nappy Fashions for the Boot Lover


I don’t think I can say that enough :)… There’s something rustic and authentic about boots… and the fact that each boot i see is different and unique only draws me.

You can dress up a boot… you can dress down a boot. Also, they are essential for a bohemian fashionista.

Here are some boots that are a must have in your closet!

The Cowboy Boot…basic essential. Brown cowboy boots can go with anything; they’re very versatile. Cowboy boots with a nice floral dress is very bohemian because of the contrast of femininity and manliness.

Booties!!! I have yet to find the perfect booties, but they are oh-so-cute!!! Paired with a mini and black tights, these booties are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. They are very sophisticated with an air of flirtiness šŸ™‚

The Rustic Boot… Very vintage…very bohemian…What more can I say? lol


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