21:03’s All I do is Win Remix

Hi, I’m back!!!

I’m a hardcore fan of 21:03, an all male gospel trio from Detroit, Michigan. Since their very first cd, I’ve been an avid follower of this unique group.

The group is actually on the process of making their third album and have been leaking some songs from it. One of them is “Favor,” which promises to be in the same class as the award winning song, “The God in Me,” by Mary Mary…

“Favor” has a remix which is based off of “All I do is Win,” from T-pain, DJ Khaled and others. (video below)

Unfortunately, Christians are threatened by the use of secular music, twisted and contorted to draw different types of people to Christ. The use of T-pain’s voice in the hook has drawn some criticisms. Some Christians believe that gospel artist shouldn’t use secular beats; some believe that the keeping of T-pain’s voice is too much because of what T-pain represents to the world.

But, need I remind Christians that about a year ago, Mary Mary used David Banner in a song, entitled “Super Friend” on their hit album.  I can go back to Kirk Franklin’s stomp which used Salt from Salt and Pepper… that song being one of the very first songs ever to be played on secular radio stations… It defied all rules when it came to gospel music and still one the most memorable gospel songs of all time.

So, I say all that to say this… Sometimes, the church is gospel music’s biggest critic. The church can often be afraid of things that is new and unique and tries to stiffle something that can go out and reach people thought once to be “unreachable.”

SO, 21:03, keep up the good work! 🙂

21:03’s “All I do is Win” Remix

“Super Friend” Mary Mary feat. David Banner

“Stomp” Kirk Franklin feat. Salt (Salt and Pepper)


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