My “Fantasy Puff”

I’m often surprised how many people think that I went natural to stay short and natural. Don’t get me wrong, I loved and rocked my TWA, but my goal is to grow my hair long and healthy. I wanted to show people that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and that natural hair wearers usually have longer (and healthier hair) than relaxed hair wearers…

But I digress. I’m a huge fan and subscriber to BlackOnyx77… She is one of the many YouTube natural hair gurus, but I love her style and her humbleness so I subscribe to her channel.

In one of her videos, she went out and bought her “Fantasy Puff,” or afro-textured drawstring pony-tail. In the video she said that was how long she wanted her hair in a year. And guess what? In a year her hair was that long.

That inspired me to go out and buy my own fantasy puff and I LOVE IT!!!!

It looks like my hair and I’ve been getting nothing but compliments. Even though I love my hair in each stage it’s in, I gotta be honest: I can’t WAIT till my hair is that long.

Me and my fantasy puff 🙂


2 thoughts on “My “Fantasy Puff”

    1. Sorry for the late reply… but you can go to any beauty supply store and get an afro puff… the key is to get one with looser curls, and not the one with tighter curls… Hope this helps 🙂

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