Female Competition=Insecurity in Oneself

I’ve been in horribly, crazy situations when it comes to men.

Last semester, I found myself in a uncontrollable situation with a person I had deep feelings for and another girl. I eventually left that situation with, I would say, a broken heart and facade of integrity. It has taken me a long time to turn that facade into a reality… going as far as getting professional help, talking to my mom every single day, concentrating on the health of my natural hair and body.

Through all of that I find that I am a beautiful person and loving person and that any man would be lucky to have me.

While my self-esteem has flourished in recent months, the girl is still playing her little tricks… lying and telling the guy I had feelings for every single little thing that happens to her–her paranoia astounds me– she believes everything that happens to her is because of me.

My question is: Why are women so insecure of themselves that they feel they have to compete with another?

If you love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, why lie on someone else? If you feel that you are so great, why play little games of manipulation in order to get a man?

If you’re wonderful, a man wouldn’t need to be convinced of that… he would see it from the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you look at him.

My advice for a person who’s insecure and needs to bring down another person to make themselves look better is work on yourself. Work on loving yourself and beautifying your inside. Your depth and worth is not found in trashing someone else’s reputation. It’s in the way you treat yourself–and love yourself.


2 thoughts on “Female Competition=Insecurity in Oneself

  1. insecure women compete with one another because they have to look outside themselves to feel good (example: “oh at least I look better then her”) where a confident female can look inside herself and feel good about herself and doesn’t need to compete because they are content and make themselves feel good.

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