Nappy Fashions for the Individual!

I find that as a natural-headed woman, my style has changed completely from when I was addicted to that CREAMY CRACK! LOL… Mixed prints, boots and bohemian jewelry are all I’m addicted to. I know that sometimes I walk out of the house looking like a complete MESS, and while I stand out and don’t look like anyone else, I do feel a little awkward

Being natural not only allows you to be an individual in your hair, but in your style and fashion as well.

The Nappy Fashion for the week is Express Your Individualism in minimalistic ways… You know your mama would not let you walk out of the house looking like that!

The Watered Down Individual is something we should all strive for. No pattern on her matches which expresses her individuality, but she does it with a stylistic charm.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Erykah Badu’s sesne of style. She manages afro-centricism with individuality without going overboard.

I’m an advocate for expressing oneself… but you don’t want to go overboard… Epic fail!


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