The Dangers of GroupThink

Recently, Erykah Badu has caused some insane, but valuable, controversy in the name of art.

Badu, an amazingly talented artist, decided to strip naked while walking in the broad daylight in downtown Dallas. She was filming a video for her new release “Window Seat.”  The video (BELOW)has gotten Badu into a lot of trouble with her being charged with disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor, punishable with up to $500.

Obviously, the people of Dallas still didn’t get what Ms. Badu was trying to portray in her message: individuality. Unfortunately for them, they portrayed exactly what “group think,” was: the suffocation of individuality.

Erykah Badu wasn’t trying to shock the hell out of the world–well maybe she was. But her message was simple: let people be individuals.

As a student at the University of Central Florida, I understand Badu’s message very clearly. I see the evidence of a generation raised to think that to be uniform in their thoughts and actions, means safety. I’ve grown up with a generation that believes an individual is “weird,” because they don’t follow the trends of that said group.

It’s very heartbreaking to see that. It’s heartbreaking to know that that will be the future of my generation.

I see the danger of group think on a daily basis. Music, clothing, style, walk, swagger all reflect what is seen in the person next to them. There is nothing unique or special about numerous people I have met while at UCF. Nothing valuable that I can take away from an intellectual experience.

As I leave UCF, I hope that I have made an impact on the essence of individuality. I hope that when people saw me they didn’t see the person next to me or behind me, but they saw ME. A creatively, intellectual human being with her own thoughts, emotions and style.


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